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Real Stories from our Customers


Bandanas Wholesale Customer Testimonial - Holly
Thank you so much for working with me on the mix of colors for the bandanas, I really appreciate it! Here are some pictures we took yesterday when we arrived at a Cherry Farm in Hood River, OR. We've been able to sell these bandanas as masks to farm workers all over town and ever since the state started to require face coverings the demand has exploded. I look forward to keeping this goodness going! Thank You.
Best Regards,
- Holly
Bandanas Wholesale Customer Testimonial - Jacqueline
I'm so grateful I found your company!! For many years I was a waitress in a restaurant until covid hit and I lost my job. I love to sew and masks were sold out everywhere so i had the idea to just make some masks for my family and I. They were an instant hit and my friends all wanted one. Everywhere I went I got asked where I got them from and when I told people I made them they asked if they could buy one from me. A lightbulb went off in my head and my new business was started. I've been able to maintain a steady income from making masks for individuals and local small business and it all started with a simple idea and an order from your company. Thank You guys So Much for the customer support and steady supply of affordably priced bandanas when they were sold out everywhere else. I look forward to continuing this venture for as long as there's demand and you're my go to source for bandanas!!
- Jacqueline