How to wear a Bandana – Fold / Tie Everyday Styles for Men & Women

On your Head

There are so many stylish ways to learn how to wear a bandana on your head.

The Jackie O

Tie a diagonally folded bandana under your hair at the back of your neck like the former First Lady.

On your Head - The Alice Band

The Alice Band

Fold a bandana into a thin strip and tie at the nape of the neck, letting your hair flow freely down your back.

On your Head - The French Mademoiselle

The French Mademoiselle

Give some ’tude to a messy bun or ponytail by tying a bandana around it.

On your Head - The 50s Movie Star

The 50s Movie Star

Fold a large bandana diagonally around your head, wrapping the ends around the neck and tying at the nape.

On your Head - The 2Pac

The 2Pac

Fold a bandana in half diagonally, then over and over again to form a thin strip. Tie it around your head with the knot in front for a supremely cool headband that doubles as a sweat stopper.

On your Head - The Royal

The Royal

Fold a bandana into a triangle and wrap it over your head, tying under the chin and letting the ends hang free like Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Anne. Little Red Riding Hood never knew how chic she was.

Around Your Neck

The neck is another versatile spot to learn how to wear a bandana.

Around your Wrist & Ankle

The wrist and ankle are a stylish to learn how to wear a bandana to spice up your outfit.

Around Your Wrist

How to wear a bandana around Your Wrist
A classic that is also practical when you’ve got to keep those hands dry for some fast finger work. Fold the bandana into a triangle then a thin strip, wrap around the wrist, tie, and tuck in the ends so they’re out of the way.

Around Your Ankle

How to wear a bandana around Your Ankle
Super stylish and makes a statement. Fold into a triangle and then into a strip of whatever width you choose, then tie and tuck the ends in. Pair with your sneakers. Also doubles as ankle support for a sprain or to keep pant legs from getting tangled in bicycle chains.

Around your Waist

Learn how to wear a bandana around the waist to make a fashionable statement with little effort.

As a Belt

How to wear a bandana as a Belt
A large bandana can be a deliberate choice to color coordinate with the rest of your outfit. Or it makes a handy backup if you’re experiencing a wardrobe malfunction and need a way to hold your pants up. 

As a Belt Loop

 Around your Waist as a Belt Loop
Dangle a bandana from a belt loop or pocket for an easy hit of color and style. Be as bold or subtle as you like by letting more or less show.

On your Chest

Learn several cool ways how to wear a bandana on your chest to make a creative outfit you can be certain no one else will be wearing

The Bella Hadid

 On your Chest as a cropped top
Fold a large bandana into a triangle and tie it in the back for a provocative cropped top.

The Bustier

How to wear a bandana as a Bustier
Wrap a large bandana around your torso and tuck it into your bra for a quick and cute bustier.

The Bra

How to wear a bandana as a bra
Fold a large bandana in half diagonally and tie in the center of your chest for a spontaneous and sexy top.

The Pocket Square

How to wear a bandana aa a pocket square
For casual events, a bandana makes a cool and quirky pocket square. Iron first for best results.

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