Pink Bandana

Whose Wearing a Pink Bandana?

Justin Bieber in a pink bandana

Wear a pink bandana so you can be like the ‘It’ couple, Hailey and Justin Bieber.

Khloe Kardashian in a pink bandana

When a fashion queen like Khloe Kardashian dons a pink bandana, you know it’s trending.

Matthew McConaughey rocking a bandana

Pink isn’t just for girls. Heartthrobs like Matthew McConaughey rock a pink bandana too.

John Mayer in a pink bandana

John Mayer feels Comfortable in a pink bandana. You should too.

Katy Perry in a bandana

You don’t have to color your whole head pink like Katy Perry; a pink bandana will do.

John Wayne in a pink bandana

If the Duke John Wayne could pull off a pink bandana, so can you.

What’s Does the Color Pink Represent?

  • The color Pink symbolizes joy and happiness, it is soft and feminine, Pink has a calming effect, and even color-blind people feel peaceful in pink rooms. Any time you’re feeling stressed, drape a pink bandana across your eyes and let the relaxation vibes roll.
  • Pink makes food look more tasty. Next time you bake cookies and are unsure how they turned out, serve them in a bandana and listen to people rave about them!
  • Men who wear pink earn more money than those who wear white or blue button-down shirts. Men in pink also have more advanced degrees and confidence. A subtle way to incorporate pink into a semi-casual look is by using a pink bandana as a pocket square.
  • You may have heard the rumor that pink isn’t a color. Well, it’s sort of true. The color Pink is what is left when you remove green from the color spectrum.

Quotable Quotes

Miley Cyrus Quote

Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.

~ Lily Pulitzer

Pink is my signature color.

~ Julia Roberts

When to Wear a Pink Bandana

  • Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness with a pink bandana.
  • A pink bandana is the ideal Valentine’s Day accessory.
  • Ladies, any time you’re craving male attention, don a pink bandana.
  • Guys, wear a pink bandana to show your soft side. You might get the girl and more money to boot.
  • A pink bandana is the perfect biker chick accessory. Just add a black leather biker jacket and voilà! Instant cool.
  • Sassy and sexy, a bandana works great with denim for a chic, casual look.
  • The color is calming, so keep a bandana on hand for any time you need to relax. A pink bandana tied around your wrist is the perfect thing to wear at a P!nk concert.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts
  • Many pro sports teams paint the visitors’ locker room pink to make them feel mellow rather than pumped.
  • Crayola started making crayons in the early 1900s but it didn’t add pink to its repertoire until almost 50 years later.
  • In Japan, pink cherry blossoms represent the souls of fallen Samurai.
  • Pink is the most common color of flowers given as a gift. A pink carnation means ‘I’ll always remember you.’
  • Some prisons have painted their walls pink to calm inmates.
  • Pink is associated with Tuesday on the solar calendar in Thailand.
  • In Belgium, people use pink for baby boys and blue for baby girls.
  • Women who are at their most fertile in their cycle are more likely to wear pink as a subtle way to attract men.
  • The Indian city of Jaipur is nicknamed ‘Pink City’ due to its many pink-colored historical sites.
  • During World War II, Nazis compelled homosexuals to wear a pink triangle on their concentration camp uniforms. Because of this, the same symbol is used today as a mark of gay pride.
  • The color was named after the flowers known as ‘pinks,’ a type of carnation.

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