What is a Neck Gaiter and How do I wear one?

What is a Neck Gaiter

what is a neck gaiter

A neck gaiter is a popular fashion accessory,  and one with many names and many uses. Some call it a tube bandana. Because it is a tube, and large enough to slip over your head. It is also a seamless stretchy tube, one knitted from soft and comfortable yarn. Maybe it’s just the top of a turtleneck sweater, one that your aunt Ethel never finished.

A Neck Gaiter is much more than just a Fashion Statement!

Other names for the neck gaiter are tube bandana, balaclava, and neck buff. Folks in a hurry, or just stingy with their words, simply call it a buff. Like a bandana, there are many uses for a neck gaiter, and we’ll get to that. But first let’s talk about color. Because modern science has given us dyes in every hue of the rainbow, and even some that Nature never thought of. For example, there’s neon yellow, and green, and red. Stop light colors, with an attitude. They will see you coming, so let the know you’re here. Being popular feels good.

And our neck gaiters are not limited to single colors. Our neck gaiters are now available in both camouflage, and stars and stripes. Show your patriotism by wearing an American flag buff. Your friends will rally ’round the flag. Camo is the one to wear when you go incognito on Google.

A gaiter is a neck warmer for chilly outdoor occasions, while still being dressy enough for a formal event. When the invitation says black tie our black neck gaiter lets you stand out while blending in.  

It covers the neck, hence the name. But it also does duty as a head band to tame unruly locks, or wick away sweat. A neck gaiter can be much more than just a chill chaser, so order a six pack of our gaiters, and get creative with this must-have wardrobe accessory.

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What's a Neck Gaiter

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

Soft and stretchy, a neck gaiter is the chameleon of the fashion world. It’s a scarf, a sweat band, and a face mask, all rolled into one. Speaking of roll, just twist it tight, and use it to wick away sweat during your morning run. Keep your eyes dry, while you pound the pavement in style. Heads are sure to turn as you speed by.

A sudden shower is no problem when you’re wearing one of our colorful gaiters. Just pull it up to cover your hair, and let the excess fabric keep the back of your neck dry. When the sun peeks out from behind those rain clouds, you can wring the water from the miracle polyester fibers. Voila! Your neck gaiter becomes a sun shield.

Nobody wants to leave the house with “morning hair”. Cover that fright wig with a colorful buff when you dash to the curb for the morning paper. Worn like the Muslim hijab, it both covers the hair, and frames the face, for a sleek, fashion-forward style.

Add a bit of mystery by pulling it up over the nose. They say the eyes are window to the soul, so let your best feature be center stage. A pair of sunglasses will turn you into a celebrity who turns heads. If that’s all too much to contemplate, then use your super-stretchy neck gaiter as a scrunchie, and tame that pony tail as you make your way through the busy day.

Bikers know a gaiter is the perfect face cover when blasting down the highway. When you swap your Harley for the mountain bike, you will beat the dust as you leave the pavement. When guys and gals get together they can stay safe with a neck gaiter worn as a face mask. No need for uncomfortable ear loops when wearing our buff.

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

How To Wear A Tube Bandana

How To Wear A Tube Bandana

The key word here is tube. Remember this, when you slip our must-have fashion accessory over your head. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, you pull it down, past your eyes, nose, and chin, and then pop out the top. The tube bandana, of course, is now nestled around your neck.

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That’s the starting point for your adventure in fashion land. Think of it as a bandana you don’t have to tie. No worrisome knotting techniques to learn, or fumbling fingers at the nape of your neck. A tube is like a tunnel with no beginning or end. A subway to nowhere.

And you can just leave it there as just a cosy scarf circling your neck. Folks will note your clever fashion sense when you quickly pull it up to cover your mouth and nose. Social distancing is all very well, but sometimes you need to move a bit closer to a mysterious stranger. If they are also wearing a tube bandana, who knows where the conversation will lead?

While it is covering your nose and mouth, reach back, and grab a handful of fabric at the base of your neck. Then pull it up, up, over your head, and down, down, over your brow. Voila! You instantly become an international man or woman of mystery.

Hollywood starlets know dark glasses and a head scarf are must-have items, when riding in convertibles or sipping cocktails on yachts. A tube bandana never comes untied in the windiest weather, and the stretchy microfibers cradle your chin. Extra chins and cosmetic scars are safely out of sight when the flashbulbs pop.

There are tons of ways to wear a tube bandana, and Youtube has too many videos to bother watching. Just order your personal collection right now, and experiment on finding a signature style.

What is a Neck Gaiter Mask

What is a Gaiter Mask

Today masks are not just for Halloween and bank robbers. We have had to learn the Six Foot Rule, Social Distancing, and Masking Up. We have undergone a year without movies and concerts. Handshakes and fist bumps have been replaced with elbow nudges, like a pair of wary dogs exchanging sniffs. Is it any wonder there is so much confusion on how to keep safe, while staying sane?

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Even with the new relaxed guidelines, and disagreements over when and where to wear a mask, it is just common sense and good manners to cover up in crowded circumstances.

However, there is now a fashionable alternative to the ugly and stifling N-95 respirator. You don’t want to be confused with a bug exterminator! Select instead one of our colorful gaiter masks, also called a buff or tube gaiter. You have seen gaiter masks on the sidelines in professional sports. NFL coaches need to protect themselves, yet be able to communicate with their players. When seconds count there’s no time to fumble with annoying straps and ear loops.

A gaiter mask can be pulled up or down in a flash. It’s not just sports where this is vital. Police, firemen, and EMT crews need to be able to communicate clearly while still staying safe. Protect yourself and be civil to others is the watchword in today’s dangerous world. Savvy bike riders wear a gaiter mask to filter the dust and dirt as they roar down the road, or pedal through the park.

Fishermen, hikers, and hunters know how annoying gnats and mosquitos can ruin an outing. Cover your ears, nose, and mouth with a gaiter mask for a bug-free expedition. Our gaiter masks come in many colors and prints, and do much more than just guard you from exposure to the latest pandemic. Order a six pack for the family, or splurge on a dozen, and show friends you care by gifting a colorful gaiter mask.

What's a Gaiter Mask