How do I Fold, Tie, Wear a Bandana?

How do I Fold a Bandana?

How do I fold a bandana? Not an easy question. Because there are as many answers as there are colors and sizes in our bandana lineup.

The best way to wear a bandana is with confidence and pizzazz. Let them know that whatever you do, you do it with flair. This makes you a trend setter, the sort of person everyone turns to for advice on fashion, lifestyle, and love.

If you can bear to detour from this tutorial for just a moment, you will notice we have two bandana sizes. Large, 22 inches, and larger, 27 inches. This opens a whole new world of bandana styles, many you never dreamed of.

For example, with one of our paisley bandanas, ladies can easily recall the look of Hollywood stars from bygone days. The days when Liz and Marilyn disguised their not-ready-for-closeups with a big scarf and bigger dark glasses.

Guys also have options when the time comes to don a bandana. The go-to way is simply roll and tie your bandana into a headband. Sweaty or not, you’re ready for a closeup.

The headband bandana can also be used as a hat band. Of course you need a hat for this, so check your closet for that India Jones fedora you wore last Halloween.

If hats are not your style, then another way how to fold a bandana is around your neck. Perfect for picnics, where a necktie is too formal.

Speaking of formal, when a jacket and tie are called for, a matching bandana serves both a stylish pocket square, and an emergency handkerchief. 

If you’ve forgotten—or can’t find—your neck gaiter, then use that never-without-it bandana as a Covid mask. You can also use this style when you need to rob a stagecoach.

Fold a Bandana around the neck
Fold Around the Neck
Fold a Bandana around your wrist
Fold Around your Wrist
Tie a Bandana around your head
Tie Around your Head
Wear a Bandana around your chest
Wear Around your Chest
Wear a Bandana around your ankle
Wear Around your Ankle
Tie a Bandana around your waist
Tie Around your Waist

How to Tie a Bandana

However one wears their bandana, the square knot is easy to tie, and easier to untie. Because no matter how tight you pull it, a simple push loosens the knot.

And the steps are easy to remember, as well. ‘Right over left, then left over right’. Don’t cross them the other way, or you will end up with a granny knot. It is liable to slip or jam, and put you in a jam.

A simple overhand tie—just the first half of a square, or a granny knot—is perfect for a loose and casual style. Put this almost-a-knot at either side of your neck, to slyly show your political affiliation.

A slightly more secure knot is to continue the overhand tie, wrapping the ends again and again. Like a snake eating its tail. If you are thin enough a bandana can do duty as a belt, to both hold your pants up, and draw attention to your fashion sense.

Both ladies and gents can use one of our large bandanas as a necktie. If you don’t know how to tie a four-in-hand knot, ask your mother.

Although this could be used as an emergency necktie, say to enter a swanky eatery that requires a coat and tie, it’s best for casual wear. Pair it with a T-shirt and jeans to dine in one of those no-shoes-no service bistros. The lowly bandana is most certainly a multipurpose fashion accessory.

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Continuing with our necktie side trip, you can pair your bandana with a ring, to form a bolo tie, for the southwestern style. Your old high school ring is great for a retro look, and a wedding band announces your newfound availability.

How to Fold a Bandana

Now that we have mastered the ways to tie your bandanas, it’s time to step it up. Our bandanas are square, either 22 or 27 inches on a side. There’s a perfect size for every head and hairstyle.

The first step is to fold one corner to the opposite, and the square becomes a triangle. Not a magic trick, just geometry. This is the starting point for all the folds.

For a perfect headband start by folding the two bottom points up about an inch. Continue folding until you have a long narrow strip. Tie it in back of your head, and you’re the Karate Kid in the cult movie of the same name.

Speaking of classic, ladies love the simple kerchief. It’s the 911 answer to a bad hair day. Once again, start with the triangle. Instead of rolling, just tie it at the nape of your neck, and you’re done.

Tied in the front, and it’s the I-Love-Lucy look, ready for some comic shenanigans. Or serious housework. Either way, it covers your hair, protecting your hair from dust, dirt, and sun. And the critical eyes of your mother-in-law.      

Continuing on, there is the popular Gangsta Style bandana fold. Also called Chicano, Biker, and Bad Boy. Or girl. Also worn by construction workers, gardeners, and for just hangin’ with yo peeps.

As always, start with the square-to-triangle fold. Therefore, you’re good at this, by now. Hold the two points, let the bottom hang down in front of your face, and tie in the back of your head. You will notice the Gangsta Style is very much like the Kerchief and the Lucy. We will cover the different ways to put a bandana on next.

How to Put on a Bandana

How to Put on a Bandana

Your bandana is now folded, and ready for action. It is time to introduce the soft and silky fabric to your head. 

You no doubt have already decided if you are a Hollywood movie star, or a handsome rascal, intent on mischief. Either way, the “putting on” begins with the same slick moves.

Pinch each side of the triangle, hold it at forehead height, with the third point hanging straight down. Then bring it to your brow, keep moving your hands back, and let them meet behind your head. It’s easier than it reads.

The bandana is now hanging right in front of your eyes, and you can’t see a thing. Just as well, because the next move happens where you don’t have eyes. Unless you are like your mom, when you were four, and she had eyes in the back of her head.

Your hands are still holding the ends of the bandana, so use them to tie an overhand knot just below your bump of knowledge. Nature put it there, just so you would know where to tie a bandana. Nature is wonderful this way. It is why we have opposable thumbs, tonsils, and an appendix. We’re still working on that last one.

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Finish the knot. Then, if you are a gal, and are doing the Kerchief, lift both triangle points still hanging in front of your face, and bring them to the back of your head. You’re done! Or tuck and tie, if the weather’s windy.

For a gangsta look you need to bring just one of those triangle points to the back. Then roll and twist the one still in front, and tuck it in, for a tight headband.

Now you know the answer to: How do I fold a bandana? so, all that’s left to do is hop your Harley, and ride down the road. With your gal in her kerchief, behind.

How to Wrap a Bandana

You have now learned to tie, wear, put on and how to fold a bandana. Next up, the nuances of wrapping that big square piece of cotton or polyester. We have them in both solids and paisley, to meet your moods. As well as colors galore, to match your outfit. No excuses needed to order lots and lots of bandanas.

Did you know bandanas are not just for heads? Of course they are also called neckerchiefs, so there’s that.

How to Wrap a Bandana

But, in addition to the classic uses, you can wrap a bandana around your wrist. Like a bracelet, it’s a fashion statement, one you can take off and use as a handkerchief. For the times you need to cry, blow your nose, or drop it in front of a gentleman.

Begin by folding it, just the way you did for a headband. Wrap the colorful swatch around your wrist, twice. Get a friend to tie the two ends together. If you don’t have a friend handy, you can go solo.

Hold one end across your palm, between the thumb and forefinger of the wrapped wrist. We told you about the opposable thumb just a moment ago, and already you’re using it!

Team up with the other thumb and forefinger to tie the two ends together. Practice this trick, and impress your friends.

Did you know a handful of bandanas—also called a bunch—can be artfully folded, tied, and wrapped to make an emergency bikini? Or a beach coverup, if you already are wearing your swimsuit.

After that, when you are headed for the beach in your swimsuit, you suddenly realize: no pockets! 

No problem! Wrap your keys, credit card, and pocket change in a bandana, and carry your stash with aplomb.

Where to Buy Bandanas

Now that you are a pro folder, expert knotter, and all-around bandana guru, it is time to seek out the source of this do-it-all fashion accessory. 

The origin of the word, you can tell your friends, is from the 18th century. ‘Probably’, the dictionary says, ‘via Portuguese, from Hindi’. This will so astonish those friends they will ask where you got your new collection of colorful bandanas. The silky-soft and machine washable ones.

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Where, indeed. You could change from those PJ’s or bathrobe and slippers, into something appropriate for travel. A T-shirt and jeans will do, although now that you are a bandana guru you should dress the part. A shirt with a collar and cuff, along with clean pants or a skirt, will mark you as a style-setter.

Now that you’re ready for Hello, World! you step out the door, hop in the car, and dash to the Big Box Store. Where you battle the crowds, find a few wrinkled and picked-over bandanas. Only to wait in line, then give your credit card to a machine that tells you to press one for English.

Instead, you could stay in those comfy PJ’s, and use the time you spent shopping to dig out that pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer. After that, spoon in one hand, and mouse in the other, you shop for the multitudes of bandanas available right here.

Colorful solids, from black and white to neon green, and even camouflage, are offered in bulk, for astonishing savings. In addition there are paisley prints, for the classic kerchief. 

So many sizes and shapes and colors, what’s a body to do? The answer is order lots of everything, and share with your friends.

Where Can I Find Bandanas

The short answer is pretty much everywhere. That is, if you are willing to settle for second rate, cut rate, or even second hand, bandanas. Dollar stores, flea markets, backyard clotheslines— now that you know all about these colorful kerchiefs it seems bandanas are everywhere you turn.

Therefore, you will find bandanas for sale in gas stations, airport kiosks, even vending machines. But at a price!! Five bucks, six bucks, or $9.97 EACH at the Big Box Store.

And that’s just one bandana. Now that you are an expert, you want to show off all the ways to wear a bandana. And that requires at least a dozen. Half for you, half to share. Because you are that kind of guy or gal.

Maybe you like to experience shopping in the round. The adventure of walking, searching, touching, feeling. And even bargaining, flea market style. 

And that’s Ok, if it’s your thing to spend hours and dollars, stalking the elusive bandana. Sore feet and frustration are part and parcel of the experience.

Instead you decide to save time, money, and energy, with your  computer.

Your bandana pursuit begins with an internet search. For bandanas. And you want lots of bandanas, so you add the word wholesale in the search bar.

And here you are! That was so easy you start singing the oldie “I believe in magic.”

You see dozens, even hundreds of bandanas, in every size, shape, and color of the rainbow.

With so many options you need to concentrate. Should you order just a dozen? A trial twelve pack will get you started, and the price is so low they are practically free. Or maybe a pack of 120— even 600—is enough to start a business, become both a guru and a tycoon.