Why a Tube Bandana Neck Gaiter is a MUST HAVE!

A tube bandana or neck gaiter offers all the functionality of a square bandana with the added convenience of never needing to tie or untie it. A tube bandana works the same way a scarf does: by trapping air between the fabric and your skin, it creates a warm zone between you and the elements. Made of a lightweight poly microfiber that is both seamless and stretchy, a Bandana Wholesale neck gaiter is a high-quality, moisture-wicking multipurpose face shield that protects you from dust, dirt, sand, wind, and anything else the weather throws at you.

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

  • Wear a tube bandana as a sporty and stylish alternative to a scarf.
  • A neck gaiter is also a fashionable coverup for a surgical mask. Pull it up or down in a snap. Also handy as a backup baby bib.
  • A balaclava mask is breathable, stretches and moves with you. It won’t make you feel like you’re suffocating when you wear it to cover your mouth and nose or as a comfortable substitute for ear muffs on cool days.
  • Need a headband? Wrap a tube bandana around your hair to keep it tidy and out of the way.
  • A neck gaiter doesn’t have to be confined to your neck. Wear a tube bandana on your wrist, arm, or ankle for style or for extra cushion and support. Also makes a great beanie or durag.
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When to Wear a Tube Bandana

Ways to Wear a Tube Bandana
  • Unisex and ideal for all ages from kid to adult, a neck gaiter is a supremely versatile accessory.
  • The tube bandana comes in a whole rainbow of colors. You can find one to match virtually every item in your wardrobe.
  • A tubular bandana worn as a balaclava is a popular choice in hot weather as it protects your skin from the sun. It also works great in cold weather, trapping the warm air while allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping you toasty and cozy.
  • A neck gaiter wicks sweat, heat and humidity away from your skin, making it ideal for an active lifestyle.
  • A neck gaiter makes a great backup face covering.
  • Lightweight yet warm, a tubular bandana can be worn comfortably in all seasons and all types of weather.
  • A neck gaiter protects your skin from sun exposure.
  • A balaclava mask breathes and dries quickly, meaning you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it.
  • A tube bandana is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, from running to camping to flag football with your friends. A neck gaiter can even act as a back-up flag.
  • A neck gaiter is a must-have for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Hikers, joggers, hunters, cyclists, travelers and others can all use a tubular bandana. A tube bandana can act as a cushiony liner for your helmet.
  • Compact and light, a tube bandana is ideal for travel when packing space is at a premium.
  • For those times when you want or need more coverage, a tube bandana also functions as a half balaclava mask.
  • A tubular bandana makes a great disguise. Wear it over one eye as a pirate or cover half your face and become a bandit.
  • A tube bandana is practical, cool and trendy. Wear one any time you’re out and about.
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Other Uses for a Tubular Bandana

  • A tube bandana isn’t even limited to wearing on your body. Durable and machine-washable, it can also function as a pot holder or oven mitt.
  • A neck gaiter can be used to hold ice for a cold compress, bandage, or to secure a splint.
  • If your backpack straps are chafing, you can wrap a tubular bandana around as a cushion.
  • If you’re out camping and you forgot a towel, use a tube bandana instead to dry your hands, or the dishes.
  • Wrap up wild berries or other plants in your stain-resistant tube bandana.
  • Catch a fish with a tube bandana (make sure you secure one end).
  • Make a little snare trap with a tubular bandana.
  • Gather kindling in a neck gaiter.
  • If you get lost out in the woods, you can wave a neck gaiter to signal to the rescue team.
  • A neck gaiter can be used as a bookmark.
  • Wrap a tubular bandana around a stubborn jar lid for extra grip.
  • Protect your hand from blisters from an axe handle, hammer or other tool with a tubular bandana.
  • If your GI Joe action figure is in a dangerous situation and needs a parachute, make him one out of a neck gaiter.
  • Check the way the wind is blowing with a tube bandana.
  • Wrap a gift in a balaclava mask for a zero-waste present.
  • A tube bandana is machine washable and dries fast. It’s stain-resistance and doesn’t need ironing. Take it to the gym and use it to wipe off equipment, or wear it around the house for a hands-free way to carry a rag for cleaning up spills.

A tube bandana is a multipurpose tool for anyone and everyone.

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